Auckland Conferences in June


I recently attended the Reflexology New Zealand Conference that left me feeling incredibly inspired and grateful. The sense of community and shared knowledge at the event was truly heartwarming. One of the highlights was the post-conference workshop on CranioSacral Therapy that I had the privilege of presenting.

The atmosphere was filled with positivity and collaboration. Therapists from all across New Zealand came together, eager to learn and support one another. It was humbling to stand before a room of enthusiastic therapists, all keen on absorbing new techniques and insights.

The conference was more than just presentations and workshops; it was a celebration of collective wisdom. Every interaction and shared experience contributed to the growth of each participant and the community. The connections I made and the knowledge I gained have enriched my skills and reinforced my belief in the power of community.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizers, presenters, and attendees for making this conference a memorable experience. Let’s continue fostering this spirit of collaboration, supporting one another on our healing journeys, and creating a world where holistic healing thrives.