Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a bodywork technique that focusses on body energy with structure, it uses skilled touch known as “interface”, it is gentle and non-invasive, yet powerful in its ability to balance energy in the deepest tissues of the body – the bones and ligaments.

It is beneficial for a wide range of people and is effective in many ways. The integration of western knowledge of body structure with an eastern understanding of energy flow and healing. Zero Balancing is a gentle non-invasive way to deal with stress.

Zero Balancing works with your body using specific finger pressure and held stretches called fulcrums. A fulcrum provides a point of stillness around which energy and structure can reorganise.

Pain often occurs where energy flow is blocked or weakened. This can be caused by emotional or mental stress or after an accident or injury. Zero Balancing works with the whole body whilst being able to address specific areas of physical pain.

People choose Zero Balancing for a variety of reasons: